We liken the Cryptozoic to the pre-cambrian period of terrestrial history in which biological fossils are scarce and non-existent.
Like geological age, it is divided into archean, proterozoic and phanerozoic. If bitcoin is compared to the archean phase, ethereum is like the ancient eon phase, and the cryptozoic project is like the earth entering the phanerozoic phase.Cryptozoic is a symbol, meaning that cryptocurrency finance will enter the next critical moment.
The Cryptozoic pays tribute to the great pioneer of cryptocurrency finance Bitcoin, and to the block chain ecological pioneer Ethereum.

Cryptozoic public chain is a distributed application (DApp) operating environment similar to ethereum. The difference is that cryptozoic public chain has a decentralized privacy accounting system beyond bitcoin and ethereum.Cryptoterozoic underlying block chain system adopts UTXO accounting model, and is equipped with virtual machine program for intelligent contract writing and execution.
Key features: absolute anonymity, public verifiability, high concurrency and high scalability.

  • Privacy Anonymity

    Cryptozoic is a chain network system based on blockchain distribution ledger. By combining such basic modules as dependable computing anonymous identification system, distributed multi-dimensional anonymous identification system and distributing data system, and constructing tow-way anonymous identification agreement, it manages to achieve single- and dual-way anonymous identification from different trust domains and establishes a distributed anonymous foundation system across different chains, trust domains, industries and terminals.
  • Financial Service

    Depending on the public chain technology accumulation and employment of efficient anonymous algorithm, Cryptozoic is endowed with financial information service capacity. Platform products are offered to accomplish strategic cooperation with both eco-partners and financial institutions. Digital token quantification principle is applied to help the users in money management and investment and start block trade privacy protection mechanism.
  • Developer Ecology

    Developers are allowed to introduce innovative technologies and modes so as to explore killer apps. Besides, being a full-eco decentralized system established on the basis of financial ideas, it supports magnitude affairs processing and financial service.

  • Jul. 2018 Cryptozoic project launched
  • Dec. 2018 Cryptozoic Blockchain alpha testing
  • Feb. 2019 Cryptozoic Blockchain and APP beta testing
  • Apr. 2019 Cryptozoic Blockchain and APP Release Candidate
  • Jun.29 2019 06:00 UTC(Moscow 09:00AM) TWIN-EX E2V preparation
  • Jun.29 2019 06:00 UTC(Moscow 09:00AM) Cryptozoic APP Download
  • Jul.1 2019 06:00 UTC(Moscow 09:00AM) Cryptozoic TWIN-EX E2V Official start
  • Aug. 2019 Cryptozoic Block Chain Explorer
  • Sept. 2019 Cryptozoic anonymous authentication service tool
  • Oct. 2019 Cryptozoic Super Node
  • Apr. 2020 Anonymous developer center
  • Jul. 2020 To be unveiled…
The Cryptozoic hoped to create an anonymous block chain ecosystem without central centralization, based on the free consensus of all participants.

Contact Cryptozoic: cryptozoic-op@outlook.com Github: github.com/cryptozoic-io